Welcome to our Learning Centre

Children who are following an English Language Acquisition programme benefit from specialised support and programmes offered by staff in the Learning Centre.

Students with reduced timetables due to sporting commitments or other specialised requirements are supported by the Learning Centre personnel along with teachers, tutors and Academic Year Group Coordinators, and may work in the Learning Centre on independent projects or study. The Centre also supports those in need of study skills or curricular support as well as students following IB Pamoja self-taught courses and students needing extension through academic independent research or study projects. Pupils with special educational needs are educated in close association with their peers wherever possible and appropriate. Education plans for such pupils contain differentiation to meet the pupils’ individual needs and to encourage them to reach their full potential.

Parents are encouraged to bring any concerns to the notice of the appropriate person in school, initially to the class teacher, or tutor and to take an active part in the education of their children. Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and parental permission is always sought prior to referrals for additional help being made e.g. to the learning support department, educational psychologist, speech therapist, etc.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision for all pupils who require additional support is a matter of strict confidentiality.

The cost of initial and subsequent testing of the child is met by parents/ guardians. Please refer to the Learning Centre flyer for more details and fees.