St. George’s is a vibrant and truly international school. We have students from no less that 60 different nations that come together to form a diverse and inspiring community of young people. The school was opened in 1927 and is built on the proud and honourable tradition to create a centre of excellence that provides for and cares for everyone within its community. The school offers both  Boarding and Day school programs that blend together as one to help the school achieve its visionary goals and achievements.

This vision accords exactly with my own educational beliefs and ethos. I believe that a school should be about providing an outstanding experience for its students, supporting all elements of their learning and being sensitive to and catering for every individual's developmental needs and educational requirements.

All schools should strive to be to be academically outstanding and successful but they should also provide a full and total experience for pupils, ensuring that artistic, sporting and social opportunities are fully provided for and integrated within the curriculum.

As a teacher I am dedicated to education as a full and holistic experience,and hope that our students look back at their time at St. George's as some of the happiest and most fulfilling days of their lives.

Of course, the success of any school is built on partnerships. At St. George’s we value the partnerships between our students, staff, parents and the local community. We are committed to continuing to build upon these relationships so that the full potential of the school can be realised.

I warmly invite you to visit us to experience all that you read about here first hand.

I look forward to welcoming you personally to St. George’s.

Jenny Aviss




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