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St. George’s has a 90-year tradition of providing a well-rounded preparatory education for students from pre-foundation to year 13. A community of 400 students and 100 staff members from over 60 countries call St. George’s home, including some 100 students who board at the school. At St. George’s, we are proud of our outstanding academic results and reputation, not only here in Switzerland but throughout the world. Our pupils go on to attend the very best universities around the world.

At St. George's International School, we strive to develop leadership skills through all that we do, including in sport and the performing arts, with an emphasis placed on integrity, teamwork and celebrating success.

One of the hallmarks of a premium quality school is the variety of opportunities afforded to all its students. With over sixty clubs and societies to choose from, pupils at St. George’s have no excuse to be bored and very little time to waste. Whether it’s basketball, chess, drama, music, skiing or swimming, there is something to suit every taste or to awaken a new passion in life. Team sports allow children to take part in meaningful competition, teaching the value of both winning and losing, helping to build resilience. Taking part, doing one’s best and setting personal goals are all important lessons to be learnt.

St. George's aims to enable each pupil to achieve their full academic potential, and to provide a stable, secure environment in which pupils are encouraged and guided to exercise initiative and creativity, and develop physical fitness. The stimulation of intellectual curiosity is also regarded as vital, as is helping pupils to develop a balance of self-awareness and confidence, preparing them for the opportunities and challenges of adult life.

Our Learning Centre ensures that each student’s needs are met, through the work of our highly skilled experts who work alongside the academic team and provide bespoke programmes of support.


How to enrol

We are delighted that you are considering to enrol your children at St. George’s, one of the most prestigious private schools in Switzerland.

The academic year at St. George’s International School runs from August to June, but prospective families are invited to apply at any time. Parents or guardians should follow the step-by-step procedure outlined below.

Step 1: Registration

To register, simply complete the Application Form online, making sure you have all the documents listed on hand. If you are applying for boarding, you will need to pay the entrance fee along with your application.

Required documents

  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Copy of Residence Permit- for non-Swiss Nationals
  • 2 last years of academic records in English, if you are seeking admissions for a child in Year 1 or higher
  • Immunisation records
  • Passport photograph


Please ensure you also complete the Medical Information Form when you apply.

Finally, you will need to request that the academic dean or head teacher of your child's current school completes the Academic Recommendation Form





Step 2: Assessment & School Visit

After the application is completed, we invite each prospective student to meet with the principal and the admissions team for a visit. During the visit, the student and his or her family will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about St. George’s International School. The student will also sit the English Placement Test and Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) during this visit.

On occasions, we understand that is not possible for a child relocating from abroad to meet in person with school leadership. In these circumstances, a Skype interview can be held and the child may sit the tests online.

Step 3: Final Decision

The admissions committee reviews all applications once they are completed and a decision is made. When your child is offered a place at St. George’s International School, you will receive:

  • An acceptance letter
  • A form of intent
  • An invoice for the entrance fees

If you have any questions before you submit the application, please get in touch.



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