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2nd place in the SGIS Athletics Competition

16 May 2019

What an amazing day we had in Bern, from start to finish! For the first time, we had students competing from Year 4 all the way up to Year 11. The day began with students not only trying the hurdles for the first time but coming in 2nd and 3rd place, Julian and Itse respectively. The winning streak continued with Khanh Thien placing 3rd in Category F (the youngest category) ball throw. Khanh Thien also came 2nd in the 80m final with Alfie coming 3rd place in his 80m final. Yohan powered across the line for bronze in the 200m final. Rafael really impressed us with his fantastic finishes in 800m and 1500m coming from 8th and 9th place to 4th in both races. Both Alex and Nolan were outstanding in the 100m sprint with Alex winning gold and Nolan gaining bronze. Nolan later went on to win his second medal out of three with bronze in the U16 long jump.

Itse and Alistair did really well in the high jump also finishing 4th and 5th place against competitive high jumpers. Allan went on to come 2nd in both 800m and 1500m and this made our younger athletes hungrier for more medals. Irene and Zach were determined not to go home without one! Irene ran an amazing 400m sprint but it was not enough to gain a podium finish. She finished 4th, .25 seconds behind 3rd. The determination continued, though and she took silver in the long jump. Zach finished 2nd in the 400m and was also disappointed with the final times and placed 4th also. As a result, his relay team (Irene, Khanh Thien and Javier) were determined to make up for this and came 2nd overall. By this point our voices were nearly gone and we still had another 3 relays to go!! Alfie, Jamie, Cat Thien and Fernando were determined to follow suit and also came 2nd out of 6 teams. Our U16 and U19 boys didn’t disappoint either. Nolan managed to gain two places in his 100m to bring them up to 2nd place with Egor’s excellent start. Yohan and Alex then turned this into gold with Alex finishing comfortably in first place. Itse, Matias, Chetan and Allan had all to run for and we wanted to continue doing well in our relay events.

They were up against 6 other schools and did really well to maintain 2nd place from start to finish. Well done to all and thank you for a fantastic day! We are already looking forward to next year and bringing more students with us. We look forward to our own Inter House athletics day in June.

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