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4th Annual University Fair

04 September 2019

St. George’s International School hosts an Annual University Fair on our own campus which hosts over 60 universities each year from across the globe giving our students and their parents the perfect platform to explore opportunities for future study. This year the University Fair will take place on the 30th September 2019.


Why should you attend the St. George’s University Fair this year?  



Meet universities face to face


St. George’s invites over 60 universities each year to its campus. You can meet universities representatives in one place and discuss the admissions requirements. You will get an immediate response to any questions you have and find out more about the university you are applying for.


Find out what the admissions officers look for


Each course and university have their own requirements. Attending the University Fair will allow you to see what your chosen university is looking for and show them you are passionate about your choice.


Find out about Alumni and student experiences


Getting information from Alumni and students can show you different aspect from each university. Maybe your chosen University has fantastic drama club that you didn’t know about. Speaking to students gives you an inside look before attending university.



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