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24 June 2020

This month our featured Alumna is Emese Orosz (Emi) who studied in Junior School (Y5 & Y6) from 2010 to 2012.  Emi arrived in Switzerland, aged 9 with her family from their native Hungary and became a day student.  It was the first time her family had lived in a different country.  Emi joined St. George’s with her sister, Adrienn who was in Y9 & Y10 and studied IGCSE’s and her brother, Gergo who graduated with an IB at the end of Y13.
Emi had the challenge of not being able to speak English when she first arrived which made communication difficult.  As she started to learn the language, making friends became easier. St. George’s was the first experience  Emi and her siblings had to attend an international school.  She recalls initially being shy in interacting with people from other cultures to her own, but soon realised that this was an incredibly important factor that allowed her to learn about various countries and their respective cultures. Emi remembers with fondness her two homeroom teachers, Mrs Tomkinson in Year 5 and Miss Liddy in Year 6. They were very patient whilst she was learning English and ensured that she was comfortable in her new environment and fitting in well with her classmates. Emi’s EFL (English as a foreign language) teacher, Mrs Robert-Charrue was also extremely kind and supportive and sometimes during lunch she would get to sit at her table.
Being a lover of the outdoors and fresh air, the winter season was a special highlight that evokes great memories such as the weekly Wednesday ski days during the winter term and the multi-day ski trip away with her class. Perhaps Emi’s fondest memories would be the activities and trips that were organised by the EFL teachers.  These included tobogganing which was great fun and cooking various international meals.  Emi says this was a good way to learn about various countries and different foods. Participating in the House fundraising events and inter-house activities were a good experience too.  Emi was a member of Diana.
Emi and her sister attended two Summer Camps at St. George’s.  She recalls them being amazing, especially the camping and sailing on Lac Léman. Emi says that attending St. George’s was a real treat and privilege. She was able to learn English because of her great teachers, and she had the opportunity to meet fellow students from all over the world. Moreover, everyone was kind and accepting, which made the environment of the school very positive. She also recalls enjoying the fact that the Junior school took the time to send out birthday and Christmas cards – as a young child she was so happy to receive them. For Emi, the highlights of the school year were the Halloween Dances, but also at the end of Y6, the graduation ceremony.   Her class practised the choreography for many weeks, and the event itself was a lovely occasion.
During her family’s time spent in Switzerland, Emi and her parents often visited the beautiful ancient town of Gruyères. In wintertime, Emi and her siblings often accompanied their father to ski in Verbier. Emi enjoyed the creative arts and lessons in EFL, including drawing, painting and writing. She remembers going on a boat trip on Lake Geneva and they all drew landscapes (see photo below).  From the boat, Emi saw her mum walking their dog on the lakeside! Emi feels the most important skills that she learnt from her time at St. George’s was the ability to speak and write in English. It has helped her tremendously since then as she progresses with her current studies.  Additionally, the international element offered by the school enabled her to learn about numerous different cultures and countries. She feels that our school has certainly helped to shape her, not just in education but how she treats and behaves around others.

After leaving St. George’s, Emi’s family moved to the United Arab Emirates, where she and her sister continued to study at an international school until Year 10. They then moved to Nice, France where she completed her high school studies graduating with an IB diploma. Currently, Emi is studying at University in Monaco where she is a first year Business student. It is her intention to complete a Masters in either Event Organisation or Luxury Management. She lives in Nice with her mother where they enjoy its international environment as well as the climate.

Emi would love to hear from any former classmates.
(email alumni@stgeorges.ch and we will pass contact details on.)
Our grateful thanks to Emi Orosz for agreeing to be our featured Alum.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to tell your story.

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