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An Inspired Approach to Early Years Education

20 March 2019

An Inspired Approach to Early Years Education

Here at St. George’s we are proud to follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy for early learning. It’s an idea that started small – from a group of parents in the northern Italian town of the same name – and has since grown to be internationally renowned.

What does Reggio Emilia stand for?

In the years following World War Two, a group of parents in the city of Reggio Emilia got together to discuss how to create a better, more sustainable future for their children. To support this idea they built a nursery school, led by local teacher Loris Malaguzzi. The school’s ethos was built around three key ideas:

  • Learning by doing
  • The benefits of group discussions
  • A deeper understanding of ideas and concepts by revisiting experiences

The idea stayed small for many years until 1991, an Italian pre-school following the philosophy was voted among the best schools in the world. Word spread, and schools in other countries began applying the same ideas to their teaching methods.


How do we put this into practice at St. George’s Chalet?

Nurturing Individuality

Children are at the centre of learning at St. George’s. We encourage them to select and explore topics and themes for themselves, building independence and provoking curiosity. We regularly use our wonderful natural surroundings as part of our daily learning. These experiences foster an atmosphere of lifelong learning with our young students.

Working to the strengths that each child has

The Reggio Emilia philosophy talks about the “hundred languages” of children as a way to explore their individuality. The teachers at St. George’s reflect this by being aware of each child’s needs and how they communicate. Along with this is a strong learning foundation to ensure that children are fully prepared to move into Junior School.

Learn more about the Chalet at St. George’s

The Chalet is a unique learning environment dedicated to teaching children from 18 months to 7 years - the end of Year 2. With a bilingual model and a calm and purposeful environment, children learn by discovering – playing, doing and sharing together.

To learn more about the Chalet at St. George’s or to book a visit to the school please get in touch.

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