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Basel Autumn Fair

10 November 2018

On the 10th of November, the boarders took a trip to the Basel Autumn Fair. The fair has more than 500 years of history and is the oldest amusement fair in Switzerland. It spans across seven squares in Basel and over 1 million people visit the fair every year. This year our boarders were a part of the 1 million people who visited.

After a 2 hour drive, the boarders reached Basel and were amazed by the picturesque setting of the enormous Ferris wheel, Of course, they took advantage to see the panoramic views of the city and tried out some of the other heart-racing rides on offer.

The boarders also visited some of the monuments and the architecture of the beautiful city of Basel while they enjoyed the culture and history. The range of food trucks and stalls were also a highlight of the day with Swiss specialties but also a variety of international dishes. According to the boarders, the foundue hot dog is a must try! After a wonderful day, they made their way back to the boarding house just in time for dinner.

For a change of pace on Sunday, the boarders took part in an exhilarating game of paintball in Lausanne. There were fun games planned in order to win points throughout the day. Mr. Extravizz’s team came out on top with one point to spare. It was a very close game and the Boarders had a great time earning points and celebrating their win. Valentina was the top scorer of the day. What a thrilling and exciting way to end the weekend.

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