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Boarders trip to Maison Cailler

17 November 2018

 As everyone knows Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and cheese. Last weekend, the boarders went to the very famous Cailler chocolate factory and the Maison Cailler.

The boarders had the opportunity to learn about the origins and the manufacturing of the Cailler chocolate and of course, sample it. During the visit, the boarders travelled back in time to learn and experience the importance of chocolate in our societies, from the Aztec ceremonies
to today's chocolate innovations. The boarders could feel, smell and taste the cocoa beans, the chocolate and other ingredients such as the roasted almonds.

They then spent some time in the Callier chocolate shop, where there are hundreds of different chocolate bars to choose from. They also enjoyed taking photos beside the giant chocolate bars, making some unforgettable memories.

On Sunday, of course, the boarders had to go to see the new movie Bohemian Rapsody which is a feet stomping celebration of Queen and their music. As you can see from the photo, they showed their very best Freddie Mercury impressions.

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