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Community Spirit

08 October 2019

On Wednesday we had the SGIS Category C football tournament here at St. George's and Bosen and Aleks were both part of the St George's team.  The team played well and Alex scored 5 goals!

On Thursday we had the inter house football competition which was great fun.  Lisa and Shirley, who are part of the Changemakers Group, decided to make lemonade and sell it on the day, with the proceeds going to the house charities.  They were helped by Eduard, Amelia and Marlies.  What a great initiative!

The weather at the weekend was poor, so our original plan to walk around the Col de Jaman had to be postponed. Instead, the boarders went on a trip to Villeneuve for laser games which they greatly enjoyed.  A perfect activity for a rainy Sunday afternoon!  The proud winner of the games was Fahad!

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