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End of Term 1 for the Boarding department

09 December 2019

We can't believe it is already the end of term and the holidays are just around the corner.  It has been a busy term and everyone is looking forward to spending time with their families.  This past week has been filled with exciting events!

On Tuesday we had the Senior House Basketball competition. 

We also announced our first Boarders of the Month.  After half term we introduced a system of rewards & sanctions whereby the students collect rewards for anything from continuously keeping their rooms tidy to contributing to the boarding community, organising boarders' activities or charity events to showing acts of kindness towards fellow boarders. For the month of November the boy and girl in boarding with the most rewards were Nicole and Nayef.  Congratulations to them!

On Thursday the PLG organised the annual Christmas Fair, and what a fair it was!  With many stands around the school it was a great afternoon.  The Boarders were busy throughout the week baking for their stall at the fair.  On Monday and Tuesday Aimee, Nicole, Anna L, Anna B, Shirley, Hannah, Lisa and Kiana took over the kitchen and baked amazing biscuits to be sold in support of their charity A River of Hope.  The younger students,  Ference, Andrei, Rain and Marlies added to the supply on Wednesday.  Finally a number of Boarders manned the stand at the fair and raised 279.80 francs.  What a wonderful effort.  Many of the boarders also contributed to the musical entertainment at the fair and Mr Carver served dinner to the Boarders :).

On Friday was the Christmas Concert at the Eglise Evangélique Réformée in Tour de Peilz.  Many of the Boarders took part.  Sean, Star and Bofan should be mentioned specifically for their outstanding solo performances. 

Saturday morning we had the Wellbeing Day.  Many stalls were set up in the sportshall and the Boarders came and explored the many ways of looking after their own wellbeing. Saturday evening the Boarders had their Christmas dinner at the Vida Loca Cafe. We had our Secret Santa followed by an amazing meal.  We also celebrated Anna L's 18th and Sherlock's 15th birthday.   

At the end of the evening, when we got back to the boarding house, the students said goodbye to Mr Issler.  Suzuka played the piano, Nayef made the speech and the students gave Mr Issler a notebook full of memories from his 6 years here at St George's. A lovely end to a great evening.

On Sunday, with the weather being rather nice, Bosen organised a football match which had Mr Francois, Mr Carver and Mr Issler on the pitch too!

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