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Gymnastics at St. George's

28 February 2020

Successful day for the St. George’s Gymnastics Team.

The Gymnastics team took to the floor competing in level 1 and level 2. A total of 11 students took part in the different events from floor to vault.

In Level 1 category Irena won bronze on vault and mini trampoline, Pola won silver on beam and Sasha in boys Level 1 category won bronze, silver and gold on vault, bars and floor exercise. In Level 1 category over 12 years old girls, Amelia’s competed in her first competition and was in 4th place all around. She is new in the team (started 2 months ago with us) and willing to improve her gymnastics.

Our more experienced gymnasts Lili-Eva, Alicia and Deniz represented our school very well winning several medals in Level 2 category over 12 y old. This was the most successful competition so far for St. Georges gymnasts bringing home 11 medals from Geneva!

Way to go St. George’s gymnasts’ team!  Maja Bertouy, coach

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