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Half term holiday to Mauritius

20 October 2018

We are just back from an amazing tropical island getaway!  Our destination- Mauritius. 

Mr. and Mrs. François took 11 of us to Mauritius for a week.  After a long flight, we arrived on Saturday evening, had dinner and went to bed early.  We were tired but very excited about the next day!

We had loads of activities planned for the week. From sailing to archery and paddle boarding. We had a great time discovering the island. Some of us took part in a sailing competition with Mr. Francois, we came in 1st place! We were presented with our medals after the race. It was a great feeling!

We started our diving course by practising in the swimming pool to make sure we were ready. On our first dive, we spent 30 minutes under water and went 12 meters deep. We also had some theory classes to receive our International Diving Certification. Diving was a great experience and it was amazing to see the different fish. It was a great way to spend our half term holiday!


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