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IB Exam Results 2020

09 July 2020

We are delighted to announce an incredible set of IB results from our graduating class of 2020. This year has been a difficult year in many ways and we are delighted our graduates have been recognised by the IB for their resilience, academic endeavour and determination to succeed.  We would like to thank all their peers, teachers and families who have worked together to teach, support and encourage these students throughout this year.

In the graduating class of 2020, 29 students undertook the full IB Diploma programme. An incredible 31% of these students achieved 38+ points, 83% of students achieved 30+ points and 100% achieved 25+. The St George’s class of 2020 achieved an average IB score of 34.1 points, well above the global average of 29.9 points.

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