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MLS Boys U16 Football Tournament

28 September 2018

On Friday the 28th St.George’s participated in an MLS tournament and were very successful. We were lucky to have the numbers to field two teams and it was great to see so many boarders help us to make up a team also.

First to play was our A Team who sealed a 4-1 victory over Beau Soleil. A lovely pass from Alistair to Allan started the game off nicely. That ended up in a terrific pass to Lukas who took a shot from distance and it went in beautifully. Later in the game, Renato made an incredible halfway pass to Allan who also rattled the back of the net. This is how all our matches went for the day with fantastic team work. It was unlucky that Beau Soleil scored, but fantastic efforts from the whole team were evident throughout the tournament, especially in defense. They were well positioned and did their job right. For Team A we had Lukas, Yann, Mateo, and Mikhail and for Team B we had Sky, Frank and Alex in defense who were really strong against Aiglon and Haut Lac.

The last game of the day was St. George’s against ISL, a very tough opponent but they managed to win that game 1-0 without any major problems arising mid game. In the end, it was Allan who sealed the win but it’s true to say that Matias, Itse, and Alistair created some beautiful chances and were unlucky that their name didn’t make the score sheet as they deserved to.

For Team B we must mention Emiliano and Yohan’s determination to drive the ball forward. We were extremely lucky to have Thomas in goals for this team. He made some amazing saves, was very vocal and supportive in goals and will only improve more with experience as he is still very young, as were a lot of our B Team.

None of this would have been made possible without our coach Dave from Inter Soccer and Ms. McKenna. The team are ready to give it there all in the second part and bring back some silverware! Congratulations to Team A: Alistair, Matias, Mateo, Ben, Lukas, Mika, Renato, Yann, Itse and Allan and to Team B: Thomas, Frank, Sky, Bozen, Yohan, Konstantin, Alex and Emiliano. Well done.

By Allan

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