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Mountain Lake Schools football tournament

25 September 2018

On Tuesday the 25th of September, our girl’s U18 team participated in the Mountain Lake Schools football tournament at Leysin American School. 
St. George’s were joined by International School Berne, Aiglon College, and Leysin American School. In our first game, we played against Aiglon College. We won 2-0 and we were all very proud because it was our first match with a new team and our new coach Mr. Extravizz. Everyone played very well, especially Gemma and Audrey who were our goal scorers.
We lost our second game 1-0 against Leysin but kept our spirits high right to the final whistle with many close opportunities during the second half of the game. Our third and final game was against International School Berne with an excellent performance from our defense and Melanie in goals. Although tired, we did well to hold onto a 0-0 finish. In the end, one win, one draw and one loss put us into 2nd place overall, behind a very strong Leysin side. 
We were delighted with this and our new coach and Head of Sports Ms. McKenna, who had been extremely encouraging throughout, were very happy with our performances. We now know what we need to work on and what we will focus on in training for our next tournament.

By Tabitha

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