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Netball tournament

07 May 2019

On Tuesday the 7th of May, we went to La Chat for a netball tournament. We played against; ILL, LGB, La Chat and Le Rosey. Even though it was a competition our competitors were quite friendly.

We would like to acknowledge our team. Anwita was very good at passing. Gabriella was good at getting the ball from the other team. Hannah was good at catching and passing the ball. Lucy was good at hitting the ball away from the opponents for someone on our team to get. Mika was good at throwing in the ball after a penalty. Norah was good at learning her new role as centre as she had never played that position. Penny was good at getting into space quickly so she could retrieve the ball.

Yanita was good at getting the ball near the net so the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack could shoot. The player of the match was Lucy and the runner up was Norah. Lucy and Anwita scored the goals. In the end, we lost but that tournament helped us get better and we had a tremendous amount of fun.

By: vice captain and captain Hannah and Lucy

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