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07 April 2020

It has been great to receive messages from our Boarders all over the world who were getting used the new way of online learning.  Below are some of the accounts they sent us throughout the last two weeks of term.

I get notifications from office 365 every day and it tells what lessons I have on the day and what time those start in Japanese time. Thus, there is no misunderstanding in time calculations. 

We have 15 mins of registration every day and our tutors check how the lessons run and problems being occurred. This is very interesting to share what the other year groups do, and how teachers are working together with us.

The teachers share their screens and show what we have to do. Everything is very efficient and I assume there is no big difference in physical lessons and online lessons.

This is the photo of my desk when I was having a TOK presentation. This presentation is one of the important projects to do in the IB course and my group was worrying about having it online. However, there was no echo or time difference in listening and talking. I was amazed by the quality of the online lessons. 

I appreciate all the supports from teachers and boarding staff who are always there for us no matter what happens. 

This has been my view for the last eight days, and it's quite different from the more picturesque lake surrounded by beautiful mountains. As with everyone else, I've been keeping busy with online learning and ensuring that all school work is completed on time.

Despite not having very much to entertain myself with, I have continued to follow my own fitness programme at home in order to stay healthy and active. It's been a very challenging time for everyone in the world, and I'd like to thank everyone at school for adapting to this situation with the utmost care and responsibility.

Meanwhile, the school has been coming alive thanks to the arrival of some spring sunshine. The magnolia trees look magnificent and the wildflowers have been stunning. 

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