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Olympic journey

05 February 2020

Our student Photographer, Yann, a passionate young photographer, received the great opportunity of attending the Lausanne Youth Olympic Winter Games. His flair in photography led to him being the youngest accredited photographer at the games.

Mentored by Mike, a 4 times winter Olympic game photographer and also a dedicated PLG member. He embarked on this journey just after finishing his IGCSE mock exams. Through the 10 day period, he was thrown into the full Olympic environment.

After having spoken with him, he told us about many fantastic stories of athletes overcoming injuries, fierce competition, and even Olympic records. He then commented on his learning Journey, “ I not only learned a lot about how to cope with tight deadlines, tough shooting conditions but I also learned how to make contacts within the industry ” Digging deeper into this we learned that Yann indeed arrived at the games with no contacts and ended up returning home having worked for 5 Countries. His pictures being broadcasted to an audience exceeding one million viewers across all platforms.

We see this as a great example of how we promote extra-curricular activities and give our students opportunities to embrace their passions, starting with clubs and ending with possibilities like the winter Olympic games.


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