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Preparing for the IB

17 January 2020

Year 12 begin their Extended EssaY journey this week.  A 4,000 word, 10 month research journey that will culminate in the biggest piece of academic writing that they have ever done in their lives.  The first step was to review some research questions and consider what makes a good question.


Critical Thinking In Theory of Knowledge, the Year 12s completed a project on cognitive bias in which they explored controversial issues from different perspectives in order to understand why it is difficult to reconcile conflicting opinions.

Students selected their own topics, such as abortion, the death penalty, animal testing, veganism, and the insanity defence, and evaluated the use of reason, bias, and other ways of knowing to defend a viewpoint. They shared their findings with the rest of the class, demonstrating skills in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking - true IB learners!

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