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Saturday was a relaxed morning with a delicious brunch

05 October 2020

Another autumnal week has gone by, with more snow on the mountains and more rain here by the lake! The leaves are turning and the beautiful autumn colours can be seen all around us.

Earlier in the week we had the Inter House tennis competition for the Middle and Senior School and some of our Boarders got involved. Yago's and Beny's competitive streak was clearly visible!

On Thursday, the 1st October, it was Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival which is an important festival symbolising family reunion. A group of our Chinese Boarders decorated the common room with home made decorations and asked chef to cook a special Chinese desert in the shape of a rabbit (in the absence of Mooncake). Karen had also organised for a short extract of the upcoming movie called "To the moon" to be shown in the lounge throughout the day, which outlines the background story of the Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

Saturday was a relaxed morning with a delicious brunch, always a favourite meal with the Boarders. It's a great occasion to have a chilled morning with your friends, enjoying some yummy breakfast up until lunchtime!

On Sunday most of the Y8-11 Boarders went to Laser Games in Villeneuve, another really popular activity everyone enjoys!

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