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SGIS Level 1 & 2 Gymnastics

11 May 2019

On Friday, May 10th we were so happy to see the FedEx truck outside which meant that our eagerly awaited gymnastics leotards had arrived just on time! This meant so much to everyone, the team, to Miss McKenna, Maja and parents as we really wanted to look professional against all the other schools having placed 3rd place overall in the last competition.

On Saturday 11th we met bright and early at 7h45 and made sure that everyone was set for another big day. In the Level one competition, we had Irene, Alicia, Polina, and Elisabeth compete from Year 4. From Year 5 we had Annie, Elisabeth and Pola and from Year 6 in the same category, we had Gabriela and Celia.

In Level 2 we had Alice competing alone but of course, that wouldn’t stop her or shunt her confidence. Alice wiped the floor with her talents and won gold in beam and vault. Not only that but she was the top performer on the day and won gold overall. We are incredibly proud of the girls and all their hard work and are most grateful to Maja for all her hard work with the team. A very special thank you to Lucy, Gillian and Elizabeth, parents who travelled on the bus to support Maja and the girls.

We look forward to the next gymnastics competition on Sunday, May 26th. I’m sure our gymnasts will be hoping to stand on the podium that day as well.

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