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Welcome back to all our boarders

07 September 2020

We are excited to send you the first newsletter of the academic year of 2020/2021! It is wonderful to have the boarders back after such a long time and they are truly excited to be back!

Three of our students arrived 10 days before everybody else as they came from countries on Switzerland's quarantine list. They spent ten days with Mr Mitchell and Miss Melville in a beautiful chalet in the mountains and joined us here at the beginning of term.

The renovations for the common room have transformed the boarding house! The final touches are being done this week and very soon the boarders will be able to enjoy this amazing space.
It was great to welcome new boarders into the community last weekend and then have returning boarders join them on Monday. We started off the week with a meal outside, enjoying the marvelous view we get every mealtime.

The beautiful weather this week has had the boarders outside, enjoying our facilities and being with their friends again after such a long time.

The students then had their first short, but busy week back at school and made use of the new veranda furniture during prep time.

Our first weekend together was again blessed with great weather, so we had many activities outside. Fitness, a lake run, gardening, an outdoor cinema and a selfie scavenger hunt much enjoyed by everyone. The winning team can now look forward to a take away meal on the Boarding staff!

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