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St. George's International School is located in the residential area of Clarens, overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, and very close to Montreux and Vevey.

Our experienced boarding staff live on campus and are available throughout the day to create an extended family atmosphere. This 'home-away-from-home' experience enables each boarder to benefit from the care, empathy and global understanding needed to become responsible and independent citizens.

Sotiris Kollias

Boarding at St George's enables children from all around the world (there are over 25 different nationalities represented in the Boarding House) to learn to live and work in groups and teams adapted to their age, needs and interests. Our aim is to accompany students all the way to top universities in the United Kingdom, USA and further afield. Our Boarding House staff liaise daily with the Principal, Heads of Houses, tutors and teachers to ensure effective monitoring of students' progress. After school time and weekends are filled with plenty of fun activities, including sporting and cultural activities, free leisure time, and trips around Switzerland and to European capital cities.

Life as a Boarding student

First weekend for the Boarding Department 2018

Lake Activities

Our first weekend with our new family in boarding was a great success. We had two different activities on Saturday. We went stand up paddling and tubbing on Lac Leman. The day started off early as we walked from the school to the lake. The weather was great, and the group was divided into two and each group had the option to do both.

For some of our boarders it was there first time with stand up paddle. They had a great time learning to balance on the board trying not to fall. For those who took part in the Tubbing, it was a great thrill! The hardest part was trying to hold on and not fall off!

Being on the boat and the lake for the first activity was a great experience.

First weekend for the Boarding Department 2018

Glacier 3000

On Sunday the boarding department had a completely different activity. They traveled to the Glacier 3000 and made their way by cable car. They walked on the ice way altogether, some of the students walked to the end of the ice way which is 2.2KM each way.

After they made it back the students got to enjoy the Alpine coaster which is a fast and exciting roller coaster down the Glacier.

The first boarding weekend was a huge success and all students settled into the new boarding family with ease. The boarders are excited about more weekend trips to come. 

Long weekend in Boarding

Rafting in France

Saturday, we started early and arrived in France near the city of Evian to the 7 Adventures camp. Our boarding team and 30 students took part in rafting down a river in France. When we arrived, we got our equipment and headed for our training with the guides.

After the training, we took off in 5 different boats and paddled hard down the racing river. In the middle of the course, we tied our boats around big rocks. From here we dived into the water! It was refreshing after paddling hard. We finished the course in 1.5 hours! After our adventure, we had a picnic lunch at the camp. To finish off Saturday, we headed to Gorge du Diable. It was an unbelievable sight and a great way to end the day.

Long weekend in Boarding

Canyoning in France

We had a chance to see classic cars taking part in the Montreux Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon and then traveled to France again on Monday

This time we went Canyoning, this was more difficult than the rafting. We started by descending from a 42m high bridge and finished by sliding down a waterfall. We all deserved a big lunch after so we went for Asian-style food and some shopping.

What a weekend!


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