Multilingual Programme

Expanding opportunities


As an International school, St. George’s ensures that our students are well prepared to interact with our multilingual and international world. Students learn in an English International environment while increasing their French skills, from beginner to native speakers. Studying at St. George’s International School leads to the best university opportunities in Switzerland and abroad.

Specific support is given to non-English or non-French speakers via our Language Acquisition Programme LAP.

St. George’s International School offers a mother-tongue support programme whose aim is to maintain the student’s home language. From IGCSE to IB Diploma, students are given the opportunity to prepare for official exams in a myriad of languages.

Developing and supporting Multilingualism within St. George’s International School reflects our motto "Levavi Oculos". It reminds each one of us that we must lift our eyes to look further and higher, ensuring that all students are well prepared to face our dynamic, multilingual and international world.

Contact our University Guidance Counsellor for detailed information and guidance. For specific access to Swiss universities, click here

Jane Haesler | University Guidance Counsellor |


Early Learning and Junior School

In our Early Learning and Junior School (1.5 to 10 years old), children experience our bilingual programme English and French. 

Our bilingual curriculum is inquiry-based and we integrate common themes across the subject areas.

Middle School

From Middle School (10 to 14 years old), two sections run in parallel:  a “French as a Foreign Language” section and a “Francophone” section. In the Francophone section, advanced French and native speakers follow a first language programme which includes an additional intensive bilingual French component.

Students in Middle School also take the newly launched “Perspectives Globales“ course. This interdisciplinary and inquiry-based course encourages students to consider a personal, local and global issue and culminates on a student’s 'Research Report' in either English or French.

German and Spanish are taught from Middle School, as a part of the curriculum. Continued study in either subject leads to IGCSE and IB certification.

Senior School

In Senior School (14 to 18 years old) our programme includes French at First Language and Foreign Language level IGCSE. Our IB Diploma Francophone students take a Language and Literature course in French. In this case, they are awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

German and Spanish are taught from Middle School, as a part of the curriculum. Continued study in either subject leads to IGCSE and IB certification in Senior School.






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