Sports at St. George's

Sport is a key element in the daily lives of all students who attend St. George's. Through both the Physical Education curriculum and extra-curricular sports clubs, students will develop a sense of togetherness which is carried across all aspects of school life. All students are encouraged to discover their personal interests through a wide variety of sports and activities on offer, with many opting to represent the school in the competitive sports teams. Unique to St. George's is the winter Physical Education curriculum between January and March, where all students learn how to ski or snowboard at different resorts across Switzerland.

Sport Études

Passion and commitment

Sports at St. George’s plays a key element in the daily lives of all students. We recognise and support the commitment required from students in practising high level sports. Sport Études is a bespoke programme for students who demonstrate passion and commitment to a sporting activity. It provides a balanced structure between the development of particular talents and academic life.

The objective of our new Sport Études project is to accommodate our elite sports students, those who have shown interest, commitment and talents in their favourite sports outside school by offering them an adapted academic programme. This programme allows them to maintain robust academic standards but also offers time zones when students can concentrate on their sport on and off the school premises.


Open to Middle School and Senior School students.


Tailored academic programme.


Opportunity to compete in cantonal and federal sports competitions.


Dedicated sports coaches.


Partnerships with sports specialists and professionals.