Sports at St. George's


Sport is a key element in the daily lives of all students who attend St. George's. Through both the Physical Education curriculum and extra-curricular sports clubs, students will develop a sense of togetherness which is carried across all aspects of school life. All students are encouraged to discover their personal interests through a wide variety of sports and activities on offer, with many opting to represent the school in the competitive sports teams. Unique to St. George's is the winter Physical Education curriculum between January and March, where all students learn how to ski or snowboard at different resorts across Switzerland.



St George's Stories

14 May 2019

Netball tournament, St. George's vs La Chat

On the Wednesday 14th of May, the junior netball girls went to La Chat school to play 2 matches.
The first match was against L...

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11 May 2019

SGIS Level 1 & 2 Gymnastics

On Friday, May 10th we were so happy to see the FedEx truck outside which meant that our eagerly awaited gymnastics leotards ...

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More Stories

07 May 2019

Netball tournament


01 May 2019

ADISR Cross Country


30 April 2019

SGIS Golf Competition

04 November 2019

SGIS RED Football- Boys Cat. A

Location: LGB

04 November 2019

SGIS Swimming- Boys, Girls Cat. C,D,E,F

Location: JFK

06 November 2019

SGIS WHITE Football Indoor- Boys Cat. C

Location: Berne/ CM


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