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Bugsy Malone

23 November 2018

Bugsy Malone

A showcase of talents and creativity

From the sequined dresses to top hats and pin-striped suits, the era of 1929 in New York came to life during our school play Bugsy Malone. An old favourite of the Expressive and Performing Arts department and Mrs Aviss, Bugsy Malone was chosen for this year’s school play.

Under the guidance of talented Expressive and Performing Arts department, the play took shape with excellent choreography. The casting was a mix of students from different year groups. Students who participated were from Year 6 to Year 13, some students studying Drama at IGCSE as well as some just doing it for fun. Just under 2 months, students were under an intensive schedule of 4 hours a week rehearsing to prepare. They were dedicated and worked very hard. The faculty were particularly proud of the younger students and the courage of students who are new to the school and decided to get involved.

This year, the Expressive and Performing Arts department were aiming to give the performance a more professional and authentic look so they paid a lot of attention to detail with the props, set and costume. The costumes were a combination of bought in items and recycled costumes from previous performances. Much of the props were borrowed from staff. The set was designed and made by Miss Thomas and her partner.

The whole cast took the stage for the finale song “You give a little love”, for what was a remarkable rendition of the famous “Bugsy Malone”.


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