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Music Showcase

07 November 2018

St. George’s International School provides a holistic approach which encourages all students to challenge themselves and develop their confidence in the three pillars of the Inspired vision: Academic, Sporting and Artistic fields. Our students have the opportunity to study music at IGCSE and IB level as well as prepare them for the ABSRM music examinations.

Performing Arts at St. George’s nurtures musical talents and interests by organising regular concerts and public performances both in school and local community. The Music Showcase which was recently held in school is one of the many remarkable exhibitions of students’ talents. We have a number of enthusiastic Junior students who performed both individually and as a group in our school choir and in our school band. Our Middle and Senior students did outstanding interpretations of well-known contemporary songs. Their performances left the audience in awe. 

We are proud to have talented students in the St. George’s community and how their passion for music grows.


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