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The Swiss International Schools Mathematics Competition

14 March 2019

“Prentice has five daughters and ten identical pens. In how many ways can the pens be distributed among his daughters if two of them, Charlotte and Emily must get the same number of pens, and every daughter is not required to get a pen? “

This is one of the many difficult questions our mathematicians had to solve.       

International schools from different parts of Switzerland gathered together to celebrate Pi Day by competing in The Swiss International Schools Mathematics Competition at St George’s International School.

We welcomed 24 teams of ablest mathematicians to test their skills.  Students were challenged with questions from 3 different categories- Easy, Medium and Difficult for 90 minutes.  There was also a round with Dominos to earn points and bonus rounds where teams could earn 10 points.

At the end of the competition, results were announced.  International School of Basel took on the first place, followed by Leysin American School in second place and Inter-community School Zurich in third place.

We were delighted to host the Mathematics competition and we congratulate all the schools who participated!



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