Terms and Conditions


Registration and confirmation of a place will become effective only upon the payment

of the camp fees and the registration fee within 5 working days. The registration fee covers the

administrative admissions expenses, and it is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


1) If cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to the arrival: refund of 50% of the

camp fees

2) If cancellation occurs after this period: refund of

25% of the camp fees

3) If cancellation occurs within 7 days of the start of the camp, no refund of camp fees.

We highly recommend parents to purchase cancellation insurance in the student's country of

residence, in order to ensure full reimbursement for cancellation before the start of the camp, or in

case of early departure from the camp due to accident, illness, death of a family members etc. No

refund is possible if for any reason cancellation occurs after the start of the summer camp.


In case of expulsion from the Summer Camp which is due to the breach of the School

rules and regulations, the School will retain the full amount of the camp fees, no reimbursement can be

arranged in this case.


German for beginners will only take place with a minimum of 5 students



All students will conduct themselves in a manner which is correct and acceptable by all,

regardless of age, gender, language, nationality and religion. The Summer Camp Director reserves the

right to send home anyone whose behavior goes against the school ethos. Any additional cost (plane

tickets, damage to the school property, taxi runs, food for example) will be at the parents’ expense.

Parents are expected to pick up their child within 48 hours of having been notified.


All medical information should be made clear to the Summer Camp Director and should be

signed by parents when registration is submitted.


School and its catering suppliers cannot guarantee that the food provided is allergen-free

and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any allergy-related incidents. The Director reserves the

right to refuse a student whose medical and allergy condition may represent a risk.


Students aged 15-18 years-old have the option to go to the local towns of Montreux and

Vevey during their recreation time unsupervised on Mondays and Fridays only. Students must adhere

to these times and stay in groups of no less than three. The camp operates a signing-out system that

all students concerned have to abide by. Students aged under 15 will be able to go to Montreux and

Vevey on Mondays only and during the excursion on Wednesday if applicable. They will be

accompanied by a member of staff.


The possession or consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs is strictly

forbidden on and off campus. Any breach of these rules will be seriously dealt with and may result in

the student being sent home at their parents’ expense.

FLOORS: Boys and girls are not allowed to visit each other’s rooms at any time.

RESPONSIBILITY: The students will be provided with a safe in their bedroom or in the camp office. The

students are responsible for their belongings and parents discharge the school of any damage, loss

or theft.


The school cannot be held responsible for any problems that

may occur because of unforeseeable circumstances (Natural disaster, epidemics, etc...). If their

child/ren’s inward flight is delayed, it is up to the parents to make the necessary arrangements, to

liaise with the airlines and to contact the Summer Camp Office as soon as possible. If the outward

flight is delayed or cancelled, the Summer Camp Office will contact the parents straight away and will

make the necessary arrangements to accommodate the students and organize another flight with the

airline. Any additional cost will be borne by the parents. According to availability, the Summer Camp

Office will house any student unable to leave the camp at the planned date for 150.- CHF per day and

will invoice the parents. Should there be no availability in the camp for your child, the Summer Camp

Office reserves the right to organize the placement of the student, under supervision, in a local hotel,

at the parents’ expense.





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