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Education is connected by Tom Brodie

04 November 2019

Education does not happen solely in the classroom.

Education happens everywhere in our own individual worlds. The process can only be begun in the classroom.

To be truly educated a student must realize this and then begin to look for, and find, the connections between what they have been exposed to in the classroom and what they can find for themselves in the real world.

Sometimes this is quite simple to spot. You may be writing a social media message to a friend in Paris using your French. You may be using your maths skills to calculate your holiday budget. Yet sometimes it can be more subtle - and require you to open your eyes and look at the world through the prism of your academics. Why are the colours of the leaves changing? (Biology) What process allows that to occur? (Chemistry) How is this restaurant adding value to the ingredients? (Business) How does the writer of this newspaper article present her opinion? (English, History, and others)

On other occasions, you can apply something you have developed in one classroom in another. This could be a “hard skill” like essay writing structure or mathematical processing. Map reading learned in Geography and applied in the mountains. This could be a “softer skill” like persuasion. It could be an example from the literature that applies to your other studies, “Of Mice and Men” was set in the great depression, a fundamental starting point for Keynesian Economics for example, and vice versa for “The Great Gatsby”.

Only when you can blur the boundaries – between what you are learning in your scheduled class time and real-life can students, I believe, call themselves educated. When you see the connections between the world and the cohesion between your subjects.

That is what students can and do achieve at St. Georges’ School through studying the IGCSE and IB Diploma programme - we can look in-depth and with breadth at the world we all live in and with the small classes and attention to each pupil that St.George’s affords, we can help them to see how their learning and their life is connected.


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