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Learning Means the World by Mrs Kaeser

07 January 2020

Two years ago a team of colleagues got together to discuss the curriculum offered in the Junior School at St. George’s. We all wholeheartedly agreed that it was time for an update.  The English National Curriculum was not adequately reflective of the international community to belong to and we started to explore what was available. We also wanted our programme to be more cross-curricular and for the children to learn through themes rather than many different subjects that had very few connections.

We eventually came across a company based in the UK that had been working on Curriculum Design for several years and just over a year ago had completed an International Primary Programme called ‘Learning Means the World’. 

Hersh age 9 ‘LMTW is always fun and interesting’

We started to dig deep to find out if it could offer what we were looking for.  Happily, what we found was forward-thinking, dynamic and relevant for our needs and for our children at St. George’s. Not only did LMTW provide the theme-based learning we were looking for, but it was also written with world issues at its centre. The 4 C’s, Communication, Conflict, Conservation and Culture form the backbone of the curriculum and all year groups work together on the same C at the same time.

Avinash age 9 ‘It’s fun to learn important things about our world today’

We are now at the end of our first term using LMTW. We have such enthusiasm from our teachers and excited children motivated to learn and everyone feeling that this curriculum has brought something special to our school. The children are becoming even more knowledge rich and are very busy building up a wide range of skills that are so important in our world today.  The children are also having so much fun and are genuinely interested in learning.  

Year 5 have been learning all about space in their first unit “Mission Control”. They have studied the solar system, astronauts, gravity and many more fascinating topics all associated with space. For a homework project the class did an amazing job of creating their communication devices that could be used by an astronaut in space.

The children in Y3 made their own Zoetropes, one of the first examples of a means to make images move and become animated. They were all very curious throughout the construction! In groups, they also made their own mini stop-motion movie!

Ce trimestre en FS1 nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir schéma corporel grâce aux loose parts, faire l’atelier puzzle de nos visages, divers ateliers peinture tout en couleurs et décoration improvisée de nos fenêtres. Notre nouveau topic est « Sous la mer » et les enfants se réjouissent de le découvrir.


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