From Foundation Stage to Year 13, students continue their learning during the temporary closure of the school.  St. George’s International School is running a virtual school to ensure that all pupils make progress as if the school were in full operation.


For Middle & Senior School (Years 6 - 13)

St George’s International School has adopted Microsoft Office 365 as its platform of choice, to support Online Learning. Within Office 365, there are several Apps that are regularly used by students and teachers.  The most significant of these for Online Learning is Teams.

Every class teacher in all subjects has created a Team for each of their classes. Each student in the school is assigned to a Class Team for each of their subjects. This applies to all subjects. 

Every Tutor register and engage with their tutor group daily at the usual tutor time: 8.15-8.30. The tutor will record absence and discuss challenges and successes of the previous Online Learning experiences. 

Within each Class Team are a number of tools that are used.

  • Meetings
  • Conversations
  • Assignments
  • OneNote and Class Notebooks

Other tools and applications:

  • Outlook
  • Show My Homework
For Junior School (Foundation Stage – Year 5)

Teachers and students will be using the SeeSaw App, which will allow parents to see some of the work carried out by children at home. The students are familiar with Seesaw and have enjoyed using it at school. They will be able to use it independently at home.

Years 1-5 will also use the Show My Homework App that teachers use to set and track homework. During Online Learning, teachers will primarily use Seesaw to set work, but may also use SMHW. Homework will continue to be set through SMHW in the usual way.



Working at home

Creating the right environment & student wellbeing


In order to get the most from Online Learning, it is important to ensure that an environment appropriate to learning is created at home, or wherever the student is joining the Online Learning from.


Posture is Important. 

  • Sit a table and adjust the height to suit you, with the monitor at a natural eye level.
  • Limit time sitting in the same position.
  • Use a USB mouse instead of a track pad if you can.
  • Rest your forearms on the desk when typing.
  • Don’t use your laptop lying on your bed or sofa.

Are you bright enough?

  • Balance your screen brightness with your workplace
  • Do not work in a dimly lit room with a bright screen
  • Use a desk lamp to help illuminate work
  • Consider changing the display brightness in your computer settings

Movement is key

  • At regular intervals, get up and move around
  • Stretch
  • Specialist lessons, Arabic, Music and PE, will be included for each year group
  • Go for a short walk
  • Go outside
  • Drink plenty of water





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